I don't have funds to finalize the transaction.

You need to add enough ETH to your MetaMask to pay for the gas to deposit the wETH into your wallet, or wait until the gas fees get low enough that you can pay with the ETH that is in there now. It’s common that you have tokens in the Ethereum network that you want to do something with, but the gas fee is too high to do anything with them.

You may want to use special software to track gas fees 24/7.

Note that there is a step in the transfer process where you allow the bridge to use your ETH by approving it. You can customize the allowance or let it be unlimited by default. You might make a mistake by setting a manual allowance or mistaking the allowance transaction for the bridge transaction. It’s better to set an unlimited amount so next time you don't have to spend gas to approve it again. To cut the long story short, if you want to make a transaction cheaper, you can edit the gas price, but not the gas limit.

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