I’m an app developer. Why should I choose Aurora over other EVMs?

Aurora was built by the same team that created the NEAR Protocol, considered to be among the most highly regarded blockchain technologies in the crypto space. Although created at NEAR, Aurora will exist as an independent entity governed by the decentralized Aurora DAO, and will leverage the unique underlying NEAR technologies to align incentives of the network, product owners, and end users. When you choose to deploy your app on Aurora, you’re partnering with a highly-capable and dedicated organization, and building upon a technical foundation that will scale to meet all your future needs.

Aurora is built on NEAR, runs on NEAR, and it has inherited all the benefits that NEAR offers as a blockchain. Fast transaction finality, use of ETH as the base token, future cheap bridge fees ,and infinite scalability. Aurora will help projects run on NEAR indirectly so they don't have to rebuild the whole thing since projects on Ethereum are written with Solidity and NEAR projects are written with Rust. Any protocols built with Solidity smart contracts can be built on Aurora. You automatically get compatibility with the NEAR ecosystem without actually requiring a bridge.

We are not fragmenting communities, we are working together. Think of NEAR as the moon, and Aurora is like the spaceship suit for an Ethereum project to wear so they can adapt to the new environment and launch.

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