It's been several hours. Funds still haven't arrived.

Transfers back to Ethereum can take up to 16 hours.

IMPORTANTTransfers from Aurora to Ethereum require a 2nd confirmation in Ethereum in order to finalize the transfer. This is done from the when you create a transfer.

Please check the status of your transfer on the bridge page and finalize it when it is ready (16 hours later) by clicking the Finalize Transfer button.

TIP If you don't see the transaction on the bridge page OR if the bridge says, "The transaction should have completed X hours ago", please do as follows:

paste the first (NEAR or Aurora) transaction hash here, click Restore Transfer and then Finalize Transfer.

P.S. Transfers take so long because it is related to the cost of operating a trustless bridge on Ethereum. You can read more about how the bridge works at We are working on improving that.

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