How does free transactions work on Aurora Pass?

Aurora Pass requires a login with an email or Apple/Google auth which will provide them with free transactions on Aurora Mainnet. 

The basic plan for Aurora Pass users is 50 free transactions per month.

In parallel dApps can also pay for their user’s EOA transaction fees with our Borealis product. Borealis deals are set up by dApps and allow them to remove transaction costs based on their business logic. It uses a wallet address whitelisting system to do so.

More information about Borealis here:

If the monthly free transaction limit is reached or the transaction is not sponsored by the dApp, a transaction pack can be purchased from within the app.

At launch, there will be only one transaction pack available: 500 free transactions for $4.99. This can be purchased through the in-app purchase system (Google and iOS).

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