I still don’t see my assets.

You may have an issue with funds visibility because of the metadata of the respective wallet. Make sure to add a token address to your MetaMask wallet. The list of tokens can be found at https://aurora.dev/tokens.

On https://rainbowbridge.app/transfer, `Scan Transfer History` will automatically find transaction history of connected accounts.

To finalize a transfer that is not displayed anymore, get the transaction ID from MetaMask activity of the origin network and go to https://aurora.dev/restore.

If the transfer is finalized (confirmed in every network) and is completed:

— Check the balance on the bridge UI

— Add the correct token in MetaMask

To view the token balance on Aurora, the token address needs to be added to MetaMask. This can be done from the transfer menu on rainbowbridge.app.

If you can't see your asset balance even after checking balances on the bridge UI / adding the correct token in MetaMask, please contact us: support@aurora.dev.

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