What is the initial Aurora Pass product positioning?

For Web2 Businesses — It’s the wallet that allows them to add blockchain features to their mobile apps without needing to deal with a wallet, and allows their customers to sign transactions biometrically, without cost.

For Web2 End Users — It’s your first crypto wallet! In addition to free transactions with your Web2 Businesses, you also get an allocation of free monthly transactions to use elsewhere in the ecosystem. You can top-up your free transactions through in-app purchases of “transaction packs”. You may get free transactions through promotions (i.e. “The Aurora Halloween promotion!”)

As you get deeper into Web3, however, and need to interact with other networks, you’re going to also need other wallets, since Aurora Pass only supports Aurora. We’ll make sure you get lots of support in understanding how to move assets between those wallets, and use the Rainbow Bridge.

For Web3 Users — Aurora Pass is NOT a full alternative to your current Web3 wallet like MetaMask because of the noted limitations. There still are reasons you likely will want to install it (e.g. free transactions, network, network segregation, interaction with any business that promotes Aurora Pass, etc.)

So Aurora Pass is primarily a tool that enables mobile-first, Web2 companies to build on Aurora, as it will be used by their customers to sign transactions.

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