What features Aurora Silos offer?

Ethereum compatibility & custom token mechanics : Aurora Silos allow for custom token & fee mechanics. In Aurora Innovation, the fee token is “INNO”, and all transactions cost 1 INNO, regardless of complexity. To demonstrate this and Ethereum compatibility, you’ll now swap INNO for our dog-token, using a Uniswap fork.

Interoperability : Using the battle-tested Rainbow Bridge technology, Aurora Silos can transfer assets to and from Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora. In this demo, you can move AURORA tokens between NEAR and Aurora Innovation.

Infrastructure control : Aurora Silos allow their owners to control who can and can’t make smart contract deployments. In this demo, you can discover that while you have access to Aurora Innovation, your attempts to deploy a contract will fail.

Do you want to try the demo? Visit : https://auroracloud.dev 

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