Products of Aurora Cloud

Aurora Silos : Aurora Silos are dedicated blockchains created for Aurora customers that go beyond mere Ethereum compatibility through a set of industry-first innovations like custom token & fee mechanics, access control, tremendous transaction throughput, and more!

Aurora Pass : Wallet integration is one of the biggest challenges facing Web2 companies who adopt blockchain technology in their mobile applications. The Aurora Cloud customers delegate that functionality to Aurora Pass, a mobile crypto wallet capable of interacting with any Web2 application that has integrated with the public Aurora network, or an Aurora Silo.

With Aurora Pass, Web2 end users control all their digital assets in a single location, allowing the development of a network effect that benefits all Web2 businesses building on Aurora!

Borealis Business : Perhaps the biggest user experience hurdle for new blockchain users is the concept of transaction fees—understanding that transactions have a cost, that the cost is related to complexity, and finally, that payment is made in a network-specific token they must hold.

Borealis Business, another industry first, is a transaction processing and accounting engine which allows Aurora Cloud customers to completely hide these complexities from their end users’ experience, while implementing nearly any conceivable economic business model!

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