I sent funds to a wallet that you don't support. How can I retrieve them?

If the wallet belongs to you, it may still be possible to get your funds back.

If funds are sent to the Ethereum network, but a wallet cannot finalize the transfer, connect a MetaMask wallet and use that wallet instead to finalize it (transfers can be finalized by any wallet). The recipient is set during the transfer creation, so no matter who finalizes the transfer, the funds will be delivered to the same recipient address (otherwise funds could be stolen).

If funds are sent to the Aurora network, but the wallet is not usable on Aurora, check if it is possible to add a custom network (Aurora) to the wallet or contact the wallet support team. If transferring tokens on Aurora with this wallet is still not possible, you can try to export the private key into the MetaMask extension wallet. Be extra careful when handling the private key as funds may be stolen if the key is compromised.

More about how to keep your funds safe can be found at Metamask Zendesk.

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